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, mainly produced handbag hardware accessories and plastic accessories such as rivets, semi-tubular rivet, tubular rivet, taper-end rivet, split rivet, collision nail, snap button, eyelets, magnetic button, brass button, triangle ring, D-ring, loops, oval ring, O-ring, ladder, Tension Lock, utility hooks, hanger, swivel snap hooks, snap hooks, zinc hooks, aluminum hooks, carabiner, key chain, key ring, ball chain, metal clip, belt buckle, roller buckle, slide buckle, cam buckle, adjust loop, belt loop, adjust ring, corner protector, stud, handle, side release buckles, plastic hooks, plastic buckles, cord lock, foot stand, pad, shoulder pad, webbing buckles, storage and container fittings, luggage accessories, and others. Our product supply textile-related industries, sporting goods, gifts, medical supplies, mobile phone accessories and other related industries.

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