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Ranked as number one luggage spinner wheels manufacturer, Shin Fang offers the most complete selection that can help you economize your strength while transmitting heavy objects. Our luggage spinner wheels are made of hard and durable material. They can greatly support heavyweight. It is commonly installed on luggage, bags, cases, trolley bags, etc.

On our production line, SF128 and SF129 are models of foldable bottom wheel. SF141, SF142-1, and SF142-2 are the main products of our luggage spinner wheels. As for SF143, SF143-1, SF144, and SF144-153彩票计划群, they are different models of the right-angle spinner wheel depending on the specifications.

Every model of our side wheel is well designed to meet your satisfaction. With our products, it is no doubt that you will get a better user experience you have never had before. Contact us53彩票计划群 to level-up your products!

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